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Myriad First Graphic Novel Competition 2020


Closing date: 
28 February 2020
Open to all cartoonists, and writers and artists working as a team, who have not previously published a full-length graphic work and are resident in the UK. Entry fee £10
Publication on the Myriad list

Myriad has launched its 2020 First Graphic Novel Competition, and has signed two authors who have been on the competition shortlist.

The competition invites authors to submit 15 to 30 pages of a graphic novel in progress, fiction or non-fiction. The closing date is 28 February. First prize is publication on the Myriad list.  Read more

'If you're going to be a writer you have to be one of the great ones... After all, there are better ways to starve to death.'

'The sense of being alien in your own world'

27 January 2020

‘I do feel that the world in which I grew up and have lived all my life is ending. And that's true in all the countries that I've cared about in my life and written about: India, England and here. What I thought was the given, how the places worked, has changed in all three cases. I guess it is a characteristic of old age, that you begin to have the sense of being alien in your own world.'  Read more

20 January 2020 - What's new

January 2020
  • ‘The biggest kick is reading something new and exciting and then getting other people to share your enthusiasm... Beyond all the cant and hypocrisy in publishing, that's what it's all about... I have always found comfort in the confines of a book or a manuscript, Reading is how I spend most of my time and is still the most joyful aspect of my day.
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